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The poor bunnies!!!

So while I'm on a run I come across this:

Now we have plenty of foxes and bunnies in the area so I immediately think to myself, "Oh poor bunny.  Some fox must have had a good dinner last night."

Later on in the run I see this:

And I think to myself, "Oh No!  This was like a bunny massacre!!!"  That's a lot of bunny fur!!!

When I get back from my run, I mention to my wife how I've seen terrible things on my run.  She seems a little skeptical.  She's thinking "You saw that much bunny fur on your run?"

So fast forward to the next run, where both of us go out together.  At this point the wind has really piled up the "bunny fur" and it now looks like this:

Even I'm starting to doubt what I'm seeing.  This can't be all bunny fur can it?  Of course it's not and my wife is quick to point out to me that this is indeed not a bunny massacre.  This is simply cottonwood seeds blown off by all the cottonwood trees that surround the trail.

Boy did I feel silly.

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