JimDog...I run to support my eating habit.


Short version: Husband, Father and Software Developer by day, but I pretend to be a runner at all other times.

Longer version:

I wasn't a chubby kid growing up.  And that's probably why I ignored my dad whenever he would encourage me to run.  You see, my dad is one of those guys that's been running since he was 17 years old.  Never races as far as I know, just loves to run.  I still remember the time he came back from a Dr.'s visit and told me that the Dr. said that my dad's heart was in better shape than his, and he was a marathoner!

Fast forward to adulthood. I met the love of my life, Stacey, got married, had kids and well...got fat.  At only 5'7" I made it all the way to 200lbs.  Officially obese by government BMI standards.  I tried different things and some of them worked.  But nothing seemed to stick.  And then I started running.

Now let me be honest here.  I think I owe a lot of my initial success to GPS tracking.  I'm a geek and when I had the ability to track myself via GPS, it encouraged me to run outside.  I used to hate running outside.  Who would want to do that when you can run in the comfort of your own basement???  When you get tired you stop and you're already home.  Obviously it was that kind of thinking that had me running pretty short distances (oh, I feel tired, I guess I'll stop now....after 1 mile).

But I had this gadget all of the sudden and I wanted to play with it.  So I went outside and was excited to see my "results" online.  Next thing you know, I'm excited to run the next day to see if I can go farther (or maybe faster this time).  I know there are plenty of people that prefer to run w/o any gadgets.  And I'm not saying you have to run with any gadgets.  I'm just saying that in the beginning it helped me because it was more of a game than "work".  Now I see running as fun (with or without gadgets).  And I've run enough that I think I'm addicted to it at this point.

As of this writing I'm down to 160lbs.  I've run 1 marathon and 3 half marathons (http://athlinks.com/racer/92692747).

As for my diet, well, that didn't change much.  My dad used to say that some people "eat to live" and others "live to eat".  I fall in to the latter category.  I know I could be in much better shape if I changed my diet, but I think I'm doing alright as is.  Some people run so they can drink.  I run to support my eating habit. :-)

Life is good, long may you run!